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FOX 11 Investigates; Mother says pharmacy mistake could have harmed her child
—  FOX 11

A Southern California mom says the pharmacy made a mistake that could have been deadly. She reached out to FOX 11 with her story — and it’s news for any parent.


Surgical Tool Found Down There!
—  The Doctors

One woman’s extreme pain post-surgery was anything but “normal.” An X-ray showed a surgical instrument had been left inside her for 11 weeks!


Woman Sues OC Doctor After Medical Device Left in Her Body 11 Weeks
—  KTLA Channel 5


Woman’s Pain Mystery Solved When Surgical Tool Found Inside Her
—  CBS Los Angeles


Father Files Lawsuit in La Mesa Tots’ Drowning
—  NBC San Diego


Pharmacy Mix-Up Led to Girl’s Hallucinations
—  NBC Los Angeles


“Medication Mix Up Triggers Hallucinations”
—  The Doctors